Although some companies provide equity to their employees on an informal basis, most companies offer stock options as part of the employer plan, which depends on the agreement of the company`s board of directors and, at times, the company`s shareholders. In concluding this agreement and accepting the arbitration award, the participant recognized that (i) the participant`s participation in the plan was voluntary; (ii) the value of the arbitration award is an exceptional position that does not fit within the scope of an employment contract with the participant; (iii) the premium is not part of a normal or expected compensation for any purpose; including, but not limited to the calculation of benefits, severance pay, dismissal, termination, termination of benefits, long-term bonuses, pension benefits or pensions or similar payments, and the member is not entitled to compensation or compensation because of the forfeiture of an unceded part of arbitration arbitration resulting from the termination of the member`s service with the company or a related company. and (iv) where the participant is not a direct employee of the company, the award of the arbitration award is not construed as constituting a working relationship with the company or a related company, and the awarding of the award is not construed as excluding an employment contract with the employer of the participant, the company or a related company. The entity is under no requirement to inform the participant of the existence, maturity or termination of the participant`s rights under this list, and the participant is required to familiarize himself with all the issues contained in the list and in the plan that may affect the participant`s rights or privileges under this list. The participant understands that the value that can possibly be realized from a price depends, among other things, on the future citigroup share market price, and that, since stock premiums are discretionary and are intended to encourage employee engagement and share ownership and to balance the interests of employees with those of shareholders, stock premiums are linked to the terms of compensation and are eliminated. if these conditions are not met. 3. Acceptance and approval by the participant. I here accept the arbitration award described above and agree to be bound by the conditions and limitations of this award, provided in this agreement, including in the schedule, and in the prospectus (recognizing that I have read such documents and understand these documents), the plan and guidelines of Citigroup that apply from time to time with respect to the management of the plan , apply.